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Robin's Diary


The world’s gone nuts …….

I was really blown away by the display of Poppies again this year both local to me and also the incredible show of ‘Blood Swept Lands & Seas of Red’ at the Tower of London.

I particularly enjoyed seeing the lamp posts adorned with large poppies in Eldwick, Bingley for the second year running – and then I saw on the BBC News  – “Stalybridge lamppost poppy ban over 'safety risks'.  A council has banned residents from attaching plastic poppies to lampposts because they are too heavy and "can pose safety risks". Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council said any additional loads, "no matter how small", posed a risk”

I could not believe what I was seeing!  Yes, residents of Stalybridge are up in arms about it – particularly when they weigh less than 20g - and I for one do not blame them!  Apparently they allowed poppies to be displayed on lampposts last year because it was the centenary – which in my mind makes it even worse – our ex-servicemen and women deserve to be celebrated every year, not just the centenary year. 

There I was thinking that the display at the Tower of London a few years’ ago might just have been the trigger to change perceptions and allow everyone to publicly display their gratitude and give thanks to all those who have given their lives for others, lest we forget!

Is this political correctness gone mad - or just an excuse to cut costs??


“The living owe it to those who no longer can speak to tell their story for them” Czeslaw Milosz, The Issa Valley